Research & Development Programme

As part of the R & D Programme, Milk SA updates the inventory of all dairy related research projects in South Africa. Milk SA also supports R & D Projects by inviting project proposals. A list of current and completed Milk SA R & D Projects is also available on this site.

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Environmental Sustainability Programme

Environmental Sustainability is a programme of Milk SA, dedicated to minimize the impact of activities along the value chain in respect of a variety of aspects, including water usage and water waste, energy usage and alternatives, biodiversity, greenhouse gas emmissions, soil nutrients, soil quality and retention, and waste management. This programme is managed by an environmental practitioner by profession.

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Animal Health & Welfare Programme

Milk SA's Animal Health & Welfare programme is managed by an experienced veterinarian and is carried out in synchronization with the objectives and activities of the International Dairy Federation, World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), Animal Health Forum and the SA Livestock Welfare Coordinating Committee.

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