Project Managers and their Projects

Prof James Blignaut

ASSET Research

  • A systems dynamic approach to incorporate environmental indicators into economic outcomes of dairy production systems in SA
  • Estimation of the on-farm carbon capture and storage capacity within different dairy production systems: A system dynamics approach
  • Application of the systems dynamics model to estimate the relative environmental footprint of milk and milk imitations

Tania Blignaut

Dairy Standard Agency

  • Impact of Good Agricultural Practice interventions on the South African Dairy Industry

Ian Bredin

Institute of Natural Resources

  • The development of best practice guidelines for improved wetland and river management on dairy farms

Jompie Burger

Dairy Standard Agency

  • A comparison of methods for determining antibiotic residues in milk
  • The practical implementation of requirements of the SA National Standard SANS 1694: The welfare of dairy cattle validation by using the DSA Audit – The Welfare of Dairy Cattle
  • PhD studies for Chane Pretorius – Re Regulation 1555 coliform specifications
  • Establishment of a rapid test method for the detection of psychrotolerant bacteria and proteolytic enzymes in milk

Prof Elna Buys

University of Pretoria

  • Development of probiotic yoghurt with potential anti-candidal and anti-bacterial activity

Dr Mark Chimes

Milk South Africa

  • Programme Manager – Animal Health and Welfare

Dr Anthony Davis

  • Literature review of Facial Eczema relevant to South Africa
  • Diagnostic investigation of sporidesmin toxicity: Histological study
  • Sporidesmin Toxicity in Dairy Cattle – Snapshot Study

Anton Gresse

Milk Producers’ Organisation

  • Performance measures of automatic milking systems (AMS) data in South Africa

Prof Celia Hugo

University of the Free State

  • The significance of proteolytic psychrotrophs as a cause of milk flocculation / protein instability
  • Evaluation and validation of methods for the detection of psychrotolerant bacteria and proteolytic enzymes in milk

Elizabeth Kuhn


  • The seasonal effect on dairy cow trace mineral status in the Tsitsikamma, Eastern Cape.

Prof Mark Laing

 University of KwaZulu-Natal

  • Bacteriophages and Bacteriocins
  • Integrated Control of Fasciolosis (Liver Flukes) of cattle
  • Biological control of the host snails of Fasciola spp. in South Africa
  • Use of NIR to detect and quantify mastitic bacteria in cow’s milk

Prof André Louw

 University of Pretoria

  • An investigation into specific aspects of dairy industries in selected African countries

Prof Robin Meeske

Western Cape Agriculture Research Trust

  • The effect of dietary Ca : P ratio on milk flocculation and milk composition of Jersey cows
  • The effect of potassium content of pastures on heat stability

Dr Heinz Meissner

Milk SA Research and Development Programme Manager

  • Co-ordination, support and promotion of needs-driven research & development in the South African dairy industry.

Dr Carel Muller

Stellenbosch University

  • Developing efficiency measures for production parameters in dairy herds using automatic milk recording system data

Dr Colin Ohlhoff

Milk South Africa

  • Programme Manager: Environmental Sustainability

Dr Inge-Marie Petzer

University of Pretoria

  • Antimicrobial resistance on dairy farms – Screening mastitis causing coliforms for the production of extended spectrum Beta-lactamases and Colistin resistance
  • Identification of Streptococcus uberis strains and biofilm expression isolated from milk samples of SA dairy herds
  • Non-aureus staphylococci (NAS), also known as coagulase negative staphylococci (CNS), as a potential bacterial threat to udder health in South African dairy herds
  • Evaluation and standardisation of antibiotic susceptibility testing methods used in South African dairy herds for routine diagnostic and research purposes
  • Investigation of take-off time in milking machines in South African dairies

Dr Pieter Swanepoel

Stellenbosch University

  • System oriented strategies to reduce nitrogen excretion and emissions from dairy farming in South Africa
  • The impact of fertiliser application rates on soil health and pasture yield in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Dr Martin van der Leek

University of Pretoria

  • Resistance to available antibiotics in lactating cows with mastitis
  • Bulk tank milk testing

Prof Esté van Marle-Koster

University of Pretoria

  • An assessment of cow welfare traits in South African Holstein herds
  • Investigation of Alternative Precision Recording Systems for Collection of Novel Phenomes in the Dairy Industry

Dr Jan van Wyk

University of Pretoria

  • Fasciola hepatica: Impact on dairy production and sustainable management on selected farms in South Africa

Dr Neriman Yilmaz

University of Pretoria

  • Exploring the facial eczema problem in dairy cattle in the Eastern Cape of, South Africa, with a focus on the fungus Pseudopithomyces chartarum