Environmental Sustainability Programme

International Dairy Federation (IDF) Bulletins

Number Title
520/2022 The IDF global Carbon Footprint standard for the dairy sector
519/2022 C-Sequ LCA guidelines for calculating carbon sequestration in cattle production systems
517/2022 Eco-friendly and energy-saving dairy technologies.
513/2021 Identification of Probiotics at the strain level – Guidance Document
500/2019 Wastewater Treatment in Dairy Processing (Innovative solutions for sustainable wastewater management).
492/2018 Total cost of ownership: An approach to support sustainable investments in the dairy processing and packaging industry.
488/ 2017 The IDF Guide on Biodiversity for the Dairy Sector
486/2017 The IDF Guide to Water Footprint Methodology for the Dairy Sector
479/2015 A common carbon footprint approach for the dairy sector – The IDF guide to standard life cycle assessment methodology
474/2014 Detecting antibiotic residues in milk – Guidance on the application of screening and confirmatory methods in integrated dairy chain management.
454-2012 Air emissions from dairy processing and energy plants.pdf
452-2011 Collaborative Study on Nitrate.pdf
445-2010 A common carbon footprint approach for dairy NC(1).pdf
443-2010 Environmental Issues at Dairy Farm Level (2010)
443-2010 Environmental issues at dairy farm level
436/2009 Environmental Ecological Impact of the Dairy Sector 2009-00598.pdf
436-2009 Environmental Ecological Impact of the Dairy Sector (2009)
422-2007 Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at farm and manufacturing levels.
403/2006 Payment Systems for ex Farm Milk.pdf