Animal Health and Welfare Programme

International Dairy Federation (IDF) Bulletins

Number Bulletin Title
523/2023 Proceedings of the 7th and 8th IDF Paratuberculosis Fora
515/2022 Guidelines for defining quarter and udder health status and cured clinical and subclinical mastitis cases
512/2021 The World Dairy Situation 2021.
510/2021 Inventory, evaluation and perspectives on methods for determination of somatic cell count.
508/2021 Guidance on application of EC JRC Certified Reference Material for somatic cell counting in milk.
498/2019 The IDF Guide to Good animal Welfare in Dairy Production 2.0
493/2018 Proceedings of the 6th Paratuberculosis Forum, Riviera Maya, Mexico, 4 June 2018.
491/2018 Teat-cup and cluster removal strategies for cattle and small ruminants, Review and recommendations.
484/ 2016 Proceedings of the 5th, Paratuberculosis Forum
475/2014 Bulletin of the IDF N° 475/2014 – Proceedings of the 4th Paratuberculosis Forum – Parma, Italy, 21 June 2014
474/2014 Detecting antibiotic residues in milk – Guidance on the application of screening and confirmatory methods in integrated dairy chain management.
471/2014 Detection of inhibitors and antimicrobial residues in milk and dairy products by screening methods – Guidance on preparation of the test portion.
469/2013 Requirements for Reference Materials for the Calibration of Automated SCC.
460-2012 Proceedings of the 3rd ParaTB Forum
448/2011 Suggested Interpretation of Mastitis Terminology(1).pdf
442-2010 Current situation complication of commercially available screening methods for the detection of inhibitors-antibiotic residues in milk 2010
442-2010 Current situation compilation of commercially available screening methods for the detection of inhibitors-antibiotic residues in milk (2010)
427-2008 Towards a reference system for somatic cell counting in milk.
426-2008 Milking management of dairy buffaloes.
421-2007 Foot and mouth disease and the dairy industry. Problems and prevention.
418-2007 Good dairy farming practices related to primary production of milk and farm management.
416-2007 Animal Health. Management and control of infectious and production diseases.
410-2007 Proceedings of the 1st Para TB forum.
408-2006 Staphylococcus Aureus intramammary infections.
404-2006 Continous Monitoring of Machine Milking.pdf
338-1999 Suggested interpretation of mastitis terminology.pdf
304/2005 Economic Consequences of Mastitis.pdf